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Bible Gateway Recommends. View More Titles. Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes. Try it for 30 days FREE. You can see patience. You can recognize kindness when you see it, and humility, and goodness, and self-control, and the attributes he mentions. These are all unmistakable visible things that are easily recognized. This passage here raises many questions as to the meaning and the reference to the word, when the "perfect" comes in verse Some say this refers to the completion of the New Testament Canon.

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Others say this refers to the return of Christ. But when we focus on this particular verse to the exclusion of the passage as a whole, we kind of lose sense of what Paul is saying here. Paul has been describing the character of Christian love.

And in this final section he makes the point that love is eternal, and this is its most important feature. What does he say? Love never fails, love never falls away, love is always present. This is just another way of translating this passage. Of course, the reason for this is that love is from God.

Love is God. It's His essential nature. This is why it's always there. It will always exist. The Corinthians have been focusing their attention on the temporary things, those things that will pass away in time, which Paul mentions here. They have put the emphasis on the means rather than on the end, which is the goal, which is love. The spiritual gifts and abilities were there only to enable them to get started in the faith.

They were not a goal in themselves. He urges them to grow up and recognize what the true objective is. And that objective is the character of love that he has been describing. Their true maturation will come when they recognize that love is the objective. And it is the objective because it is the essence of their experience with God.

He encouraged them to - he encourages them to realize that love will be the everlasting experience of Christianity, not the temporary gifts of prophecy or tongues and the like. And then he finishes the passage with an extraordinary statement concerning the third characteristic of love. After describing the character of love, Paul places this virtue, this experience at the pinnacle of spiritual values. This is his conclusion after stating the various qualities of love, but Paul doesn't answer the question why.

He just said, love is the greatest. You've got faith, you've got hope, but love is the greatest. Why is love the greatest? How is it greater than faith or hope? What is it about love that exalted it above these qualities necessary for Christian life? He doesn't answer it. In Galatians , Paul does mention love as the first and preeminent quality and result that comes from walking in the Spirit. In Corinthians he goes one step further by exalting Christian love above the already precious attributes of faith and hope. So as I closed up my lesson tonight, I'd like to tell you in my own opinion why love is the greatest.

Faith and hope are necessary to bring us to salvation and maintain our spiritual lives while we are here on earth. No need to believe as true, we will actually be in His presence. We will also experience the glorified body, the body without sin or death. We will no longer hope for it, we will have it. In heaven, only love will remain. Only the context and experience of love will be true.

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In heaven, we will love God perfectly, because we will know Him and do His will perfectly. We will love ourselves perfectly, because we will be sinless. There will be no shame, no regret, nothing to dislike about ourselves. We will love others perfectly, because Satan will no longer divide us. We will all be together in Christ perfectly suited and united in perfect peace and love.

So love is the greatest, because there will be nothing left to respond to in faith, nothing left to hope for, only love will remain to experience and to rejoice in forever.

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John didn't say, "God is faith" or "God is hope. The essence of God's character is love. People say, well yes, but He's also a God of justice. He is the God of justice. And He's also the God of righteousness. Absolutely he's the God - And don't forget He's a holy God. Yes, "holy, holy, holy," the angels say.

But the Holy Spirit through John, when called upon to simply compress everything together to communicate to man the essence of who God is, three words: God is love. Love is what motivates His actions.

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Love is what defines His being.