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Holy Saturday. Easter Sunday. April Saint Mark the Evangelist—Feast. May Saint Matthias the Apostle—Feast. June 1: Saint Justin Martyr—Memorial. June 4: All Saints for Today. June 7: All Saints for Today. June 8: All Saints for Today. June All Saints for Today. June Saint Barnabas the Apostle—Memorial. July 2: All Saints for Today. July 3: Saint Thomas the Apostle—Feast. July 7: All Saints for Today. July 8: All Saints for Today. July All Saints for Today.

July Saint Benedict, Abbot—Memorial. July Saint Henry—Optional Memorial. July Saint Mary Magdalene—Feast. July Saint James, Apostle—Feast. July Saints Joachim and Anne—Memorial. July Saint Martha—Memorial. August 3: All Saints for Today. August 6: Transfiguration of the Lord—Feast. August 8: Saint Dominic, Priest—Memorial. August Saint Clare, Virgin—Memorial. August All Saints for Today.

August Saint Bartholomew the Apostle—Feast. August 26 All Saints for Today. August Saint Monica—Memorial. September 1: All Saints for Today.

2 March in History

September 2: All Saints for Today. September 4: All Saints for Today. September 6: All Saints for Today. September 7: All Saints for Today.

6 reasons March babies are special, according to science

September All Saints for Today. September Exaltation of the Holy Cross—Feast. September Our Lady of Sorrows—Memorial. September Sts.

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October 2: Guardian Angels—Memorial. October 3: All Saints for Today. October 4: Saint Francis of Assisi—Memorial. On a plate spread peanut butter In the middle you erect a tunnel from the broken graham crackers. Then you place the raisins on the peanut butter to look like Ants. Eat the raisins and peanut butter with either the graham crackers or pieces of celery.

Afterward play dominoe game! Make umbrella shape templates. Trace the shape on oak tag as large as you would like — but no smaller than half of the sheet. Cut it out. Using the marker, draw the umbrella ribs on the shape. In a colorful arranegement, have children place pieces of art tissue all over the oak tag. Lay it flat to dry. As the tissue dries,the colors will adhere to the oak tag. Cut several Cupcake liners in half these will be umbrellas.

Glue the umbrellas onto a sheet of paper. Use pipe cleaner to make the umbrella handles.

Glue on the handles. Add clouds and rain drops. Glue the halves onto a sheet of construction paper. Add pipe cleaners for handles.

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Draw pictures around the umbrellas with crayons or paint. Cut each round slice in half to form a half round umbrella shape.

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Place each orange umbrella on a small plate. Both gently used or new would be appreciated. Beside making your favorite kites… here are two ideas for younger children! Have children draw a design or make one with tissue paper on the paper plate. Next have them glue foot long streamers on the paper plate. Punch a hole at the nose of the plate and tie a piece of yarn through it. Wrap additional yarn around a craft stick and then tape the yarn on the plate to the stick.

The kite will really fly on a windy day. You could also use markers instead of paint. Example: 1. The focus is on how important it is to motivate children to read, in addition to helping them master basic skills. Thousands of schools, libraries and community centersparticipate by bringing together kids and books.

You can too!

Your reading event can be as simple or elaborate as time and inclination allow. For more info visit here….

March Activity Calendar

This is a great way to kick off and celebrate! Cut a piece of tissue paper or garbage bag into a square, about 12 to 14 inches. Decorate the paper or bag with paint and markers. Draw your favorite design or print your name on it. Tape the four corners with masking tape. Hole punch each corner. Cut four pieces of dental floss or thread of equal amounts—about 15 to 17 inches. Attach to the four corners and allow the string to hang down. Tie a light toy to the parachute. You can use farm animals, dinosaurs or toy soldiers that are available in bulk at discount stores.

The heavier the object the faster it drops to the ground. Experiment with the size of your parachute and the object.

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Throw the parachute in the air and watch a picturesque landing. Visit crafts that smell good! For each mouse, slice a small section from the side of a strawberry so it sits flat. Press a mini chocolate chip into the tip for a nose, using a small dab of icing to secure it in place, if needed.

Add icing eyes and stick 2 almond slivers into the top of the berry for ears. For a tail, use a toothpick to carve a small hole in the back of the berry and push the end of a piece of licorice lace into the hole.